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A request has gone out, originating with Microsoft MVPs, for continuation of support of Classic Visual Basic. The suggested method is including a version of VB.COM within the Visual Studio product line. If your future includes supporting a Classic VB codebase, you really owe it to yourself to ask whether your support of this request could make your path forward more predictable. Mainstream support for VB6 ended on March 31, 2005, and Extended support ended on April 8, 2008.

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On November 18, 2005, Microsoft announced Upcoming Content Changes that included the removal of Visual Studio 6.0, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 from MSDN Subscriber Downloads, starting December 16, 2005. The Sun settlement over Java was cited as the reason for this change in product availability. However, that excuse was used two years earlier as well, so it's not entirely clear how it's now an issue again. Nor did they say on what basis they chose to leave VB6 available for download until June 30, 2006. 

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"If you spend the money to upgrade to VB.NET, well, you just spent a lot of money to stand still. And companies don't like to spend a lot of money to stand still, so while you're spending the money, it probably makes sense to consider the alternatives that you can port to that won't put you at the mercy of a single vendor and won't be as likely to change arbitrarily in the future. So as soon as people with large code bases start hearing that they're going to have to work to port their apps from VB to VB.NET with WinForms, and then they start hearing that WinForms isn't really the future, the future is really this Avalon thing nobody has yet, they start wondering whether it isn't time to find another development platform." - Joel on Software

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